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William Fry, John Weakland, Gregory Bateson, Jay Haley


More than 60 research projects have been completed at MRI since its founding in 1959. More than 45 researchers accomplished this work, supported by more than 20 funding sources – including 12 NIMH grants, 3 Army grants, and 10 grants from eight foundations as well as from one trust, the Office of Naval Research, the California State Department of Education, and anonymous donors. Among our most well known projects are those on:

  • schizophrenia
  • family therapy training
  • brief therapy
  • working with adult (children) of elders
  • working with Hispanic community
  • working with families with special needs
  • multi-year projects on drinking practices and on the longitudinal
  • process of recovery in the alcoholic family.

Eileen Bobrow, Arthur Bodin and Mary-Ann Norfleet

There have also been projects on:

  • psychiatry in the armed services
  • demands on mental health professionals, the family and the hospital
  • the cascade effect of parental participation in preschool on the preschool siblings
  • helping physical therapists better manage the transition of patients to their homes following major surgery
  • the family and ulcerative colitis
  • the family and asthma
  • the family and juvenile delinquency
  • the family and school underachievement
  • development of family interaction scales
  • comparing normal and abnormal families
  • methodologies for studying families
  • scoring techniques for interactional data.

For further information about these and other projects at MRI, please consult the MRI bibliography.

The Mental Research Institute owns unique historical records and theĀ archives are available.

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