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Schlanger, KarinKarine Schlanger was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1957. She studied psychology at the University of Buenos Aires and graduated in 1982. Once she finished her degree, she traveled to Palo Alto to learn more about what the MRI group was working on and decided to stay. She first worked in a center for eating disorders, applying MRI’s brief therapy model. She received her master in counseling psychology from San José State University in 1987 and her license to practice therapy in California in 1991.
Karin speaks five languages, including Spanish, English, German, French, and limited Italian.
In addition to being the founder and director of Groupo Palo Alto and its Room to Talk service offerings, at the MRI Karin is Senior Research Fellow since 1994, and Director of the Brief Therapy and Latino Brief Therapy Centers since 2008.
As a counseling professional, Karin teaches, coaches, trains and publishes in her field. Her teaching credentials are impressive: she was an adjunct clinical instructor at Stanford University’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Services for 2008 to 2010. And she has been a supervising associate professor at the School of family Therapy, Department of Psychiatry at the Hospital de San Pau y la Santa Creu in Barcelona, Spain since 2011. More recently, Karin has focused on growth of awareness by creating joint ventures with other area service providers, creating joint ventures with Latin American and European universities, as well as coaching, and holding conferences on the subject in Paris, France and Santiago, Chile. Much in demand as a trainer and coach, she has trained professionals in Brief Therapy in more than 18 countries throughout Europe, Japan, Latin and North America.




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