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The internship program is designed for therapists holding a Master’s Degree that has been certified in the U.S..  It is designed to give professionals some part of the 3000 hours of supervised work needed to later pass the Board of Behavioral Science exams and become a certified Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in the state of California.

The Mental Research Institute (MRI) has been the center of original research, psychotherapy development and clinical training since the 1960s.  MRI continues the tradition of offering high quality clinical training to both interns and professionals.  This training is an excellent opportunity for certified therapists and interns to gain proficiency in the area of family therapy and brief therapy. The Strategic Family Therapy Clinic at MRI trains therapists via live supervision, also known as one way mirror training.  This highly valued training is conducted by experts who were trained by the creators of the MRI- Brief Therapy model as well as senior therapists trained by the originators of the Strategic Family Therapy Model.  Interns are provided with a rare opportunity to develop their clinical expertise in the area of families, couples and individuals.  They will learn intermediate and advanced skills necessary to create effective change with people seeking help.


The training program also provides dynamic interactive group supervision and didactic trainings.  The goal is to provide interns with the necessary skills to work successfully in many different settings including mental health agencies, schools as well as private practice.  Interns have the opportunity of working with clients from a variety of ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic backgrounds and lifestyles.

Both Strategic Family Therapy and the Brief Therapy models are evidenced based and focus on positive change and finding effective solutions to human problems.  They address the practical and real life concerns of everyday people in everyday situations.  Both models emphasize building a strong therapeutic alliance with clients and are founded on a humanistic approach that focuses on the client’s strengths.  Therapists learn how to think systemically, create directives, and develop homework assignments that provide families with new strategies to cope more effectively with challenging situations.  These models are also known for pioneering innovative approaches to dealing with difficult problems.  The term “thinking out of the box” was first discussed at MRI.  It is important to note that a family system approach can also be applied to working with individuals.  In addition to carrying on the rich tradition of family therapy the enhanced MRI model also incorporates the latest research findings in regards to what is effective in psychotherapy.  Join the family systems movement and make a difference in families and in society at large.

Applicants need to have completed the appropriate graduate degree with an intern number from the BBS.  In addition, applicants should have a great interest in developing proficiency in working with families, couples and individuals using the Brief and Strategic Therapy models.  Interns see a minimum of ten clients per week.  First year interns will receive one hour of individual supervision as well as two hours of group supervision.

Potential interns who are interested can contact MRI’s Executive Director, Sophie Suberville, at director@mri.org or the SFTC Clinical Director, Terry Soo-Hoo Ph.D., ABPP, at terry.soohoo@gmail.com.  Dr. Soo-Hoo is Board Certified in Couples and Family Psychology (ABPP).

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