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Everstine Sullivan, DianaDiana Sullivan Everstine was born on March 20, 1944 in San Francisco, CA. She earned a BA in Fine Arts in 1969 and a Master in Special Education in 1971, at the California State University in San Francisco. She became a doctor in 1974 in Clinical and Community Pscyhology at the California School of Professional Psychology. She joined the Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto as an intern in 1973, working in Family Therapy and being a member of the Mobile Emergency Team. She is one of the MRI’s Senior Research Fellow since 1974. Dr. Everstine has been working on various subjects such as Clinical Practice, Psychotherapy, Assessment, and Research, Crisis Intervention, Emergency Care, and Trauma, Forensics, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations. She participated in many trainings and seminars all over the world. Despite her private practice, she’s the Director of the Institute for Behavior Assessment and Research (IBAR) (Alliant International University).
She co-authored most of her publications with her husband, Dr. Louis Everstine.


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