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To purchase one of the books listed below, please contact the MRI main office


Title Author Price
Working with the Problem Drinker: A Solution Focused Approach Berg, I.K. & Miller, S.D. $27.00
The Alcoholic Family in Recover Brown, S. & Lewis, V $33.50
Treating Alcoholism (hardcover) Brown, S. & Yalom, I.D $39.95
Treating Alcoholism (paperback) Brown, S. & Yalom, I.D $35.00
A Brief Guide to Brief Therapy Cade, B. & O’Hanlon, W.H. $25.00
Irreverance: A Strategy for Therapists’ Survival Cecchin, G., & Lane, G., & Ray, W.A. $19.00
The Cybernetics of Prejudices in the Practice of Psychotherapy Cecchin, G., & Lane, G., & Ray, W.A. $19.00
Failures in Family Therapy Coleman, S. $47.50
Putting Difference to Work de Shazer, S. $22.95
People in Crisis: Strategic Therapeutic Interventions Everstine, D. & Everstine, L. $47.95
Psychotherapy and the Law Everstine, D. & Everstine, L. $51.95
Sexual Trauma in Children: Dynamics and Treatment Everstine, D. & Everstine, L. $39.95
The Trauma Response: Treatment for Emotional Injury Everstine, D. & Everstine, L. $27.95
The Anatomy of Suicide: Silence of the Heart Everstine, L. $27.95
Tactiques du changement. Thérapie et temps court (in French) Fisch, R. ; Weakland, J.H. ; Segal. L. $26.00
Focused Problem Resolution Fisch, R. & Ray, W.A. $29.95
Brief Therapy with Intimidating Cases: Changing the Unchangeable Fisch, R. & Schlanger, K. $40.00
The Tactics of Change: Doing Therapy Briefly Fisch, R., Weakland, J.H. ; Segal, L. $45.00
How to Work with Just About Anyone Gill, L. $11.00
Therapeutic Conversations Gilligan, S. & Price, R. $34.95
Uncommon Therapy Haley, J. $14.95
Problem-Solving Therapy Haley, J. $30.00
Leaving Home Haley, J. $55.00
Communication, Family and Marriage Jackson, Don D. $19.95
The Mirages of Marriage Lederer, W. J. & Jackson, D.D. $14.95
The Family Recovery Guide: A Map for Healthy Growth Lewis, V. $15.95
Handbook of Family Therapy: Training and Supervision Liddle, H. $55.00
Teaching Empathy: Animal-Assisted Therapy Programs Loar, L. & L. Coleman $38.95
Sex, Love and Violence Madanes, C. $27.50
Relationship Breakthrough Madanes, C. $25.99
Strategic Family Therapy Madanes, C. $42.00
Behind the One-Way Mirror Madanes, C. $20.00
The Secret Meaning of Money Madanes, C. $27.00
The Violence of Men Madanes, C. $42.00
The Therapist as Humanist, Social Activist and Systemic Thinker Madanes, C. $27.50
Power and Compassion Price, Jerome $25.00
Defusing the High Conflict Divorce Price, Jerome $27.95
Take Control of Your Divorce Price, Jerome $18.95
Don D. Jackson: Selected Essays at the Dawn of an Era Ray, W. A. $45.00
Propagations: Thirty Years of Influence from the MRI Ray, W. A. & Weakland, J.H. $69.95
Resource Focused Therapy Ray, W. A., & Keeney, B. $19.00
Evolving Brief Therapies: In Honor of John H. Weakland Ray, W.A. & de Shazer, S. $29.95
Conjoint Family Therapy Satir, V. $19.95
The New Peoplemaking Satir, V. $21.95
Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Shapiro, F. $46.00
EMDR: The Breakthrough Therapy (hardcover) Shapiro, F. $24.00
EMDR: The Breakthrough Therapy (paperback) Shapiro, F. $16.00
Normal Family Processes Walsh, F. $52.00
Analogy of Human Communication (includes two CDs) Watzlawick, P. $25.00
Insight May Cause Blindness Watzlawick, P. $32.50
Muchhausen’s Pigtail: Psychotherapy & “Realty” Watzlawick, P. $19.95
The Language of Change Watzlawick, P. $16.95
The Invented Reality Watzlawick, P. $22.95
The Situation is Hopeless But Not Serious (hardback) Watzlawick, P. $14.95
The Situation is Hopeless But Not Serious (paperback) Watzlawick, P. $11.95
Ultrasolutions: How to Faily Most Successfully Watzlawick, P. $12.95
Faites vous-même votre malheur (in French) Watzlawick, P. $5.44
Pragmatics of Human Communication Watzlawick, P., Beavin, J.H., & Jackson, D.D. $27.00
Change: Principles of Problem Formation and Problem Resolution Watzlawick, P., Weakland, J.H., & Fisch, R. $22.50
Propagations Weakland, J. & Ray, W. $52.95