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About Us


Our Mission

The Mental Research Institute is a small, independent, multi-disciplinary, non-profit corporation: devoted to conducting and encouraging scientific research based on new ways of looking at how people interact dedicated to benefit the human community worldwide through its publications, education and training, clinical and consultative services committed to extending our tradition of innovation and openness toward new interactional paradigms of change.  The focus of MRI is on exploring and encouraging the use of interactional, systemic and strategic concepts to working with the community, schools and businesses to further understand and more effectively resolve human problems with individuals, couples, families all other levels of social organization.

Why give to MRI?

MRI wouldn’t exist without private funding and donations.  Since opening our doors more than 50 years ago, donors have made it possible to continue providing exceptional therapy services, training and research. Generous donations help maintain our high quality of services. MRI welcomes donations of any size, from individual contributions to corporate gifts and foundation grants. Please support us.

For more than 50 years MRI has been actively involved in the community, research, and devising new theoretical approaches to the field of interactional therapy.

• Train thousands of professionals with our continuing education programs
• Run two clinics, The Brief Therapy Center and Strategic Family Therapy Center
• Offer services to low-income individuals and families in English and Spanish
• Have published more than 60 books
• Have completed more than 60 research projects involving more than 45 researchers
• Have been awarded 12 NIMH grants
• Provide specialized services to train agencies in Brief & Strategic Therapy
• Offer residents a chance to view live cases, shadow our staff, and watch taped materials from our vast archives
• Train the next generation of interactional therapists.
As a non-profit we need your support  to continue the journey we embarked on more than half a century ago. We need you to make it possible for MRI to continue its tradition of service. Together we can keep MRI’s vision and mainstay in the realm of therapy.  Remember your donation is tax-deductible.

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